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Committee recommends sales tax hike

A committee charged with Mesterolone Cycle finding Buy Kamagra Australia new ways to manage growth and bring in additional revenue is recommending a referendum on a half cent sales tax increase.

The Growth and Debt Service Committee, which was formed after commissioners voted down an adequate public facilities ordinance and two acre minimum lot size, has been Buy Clomiphene In New Zealand meeting since late March.

An additional half cent could generate $2.5 million annually, said Kelly Atkins, director of Building and Land Development.

The North Carolina House of Representatives has already approved the request, Atkins said. Its now gone to the Senate, but "Comprar Gh Jintropin" its unclear whether it will be taken up during the coming short session.

Atkins said Rep. Joe Kiser, R Lincoln, said it would be advantageous to "buy cheap jintropin online" join the other counties currently pursuing the option.

He felt that we would stand a better chance joining this group of Buy Kamagra 100mg counties versus doing it alone, Atkins said. Thats why we expedited the resolution last night.

County commissioners will consider the resolution at their next meeting.

If Comprar Gh Jintropin approved by the Senate, the board will then have to approve the referendum. Voters will decide whether the tax should be increased.

Meanwhile, the committee will continue to work on the second part of its charge " coming up with long term growth management options, Atkins said.

During the next meeting, a Cabarrus County official will speak to members about the APFO. Cabarrus County has been using the ordinance for eight years.

A state home building representative will also make a presentation. Local home builders and Realtors have opposed the APFO, saying it will drive up the cost of housing, which Primobolan Powder Conversion will be passed on to home buyers.