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Forgive or tell him to get lost

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Your husband has had sex with prostitutes. He has paid for sex which is as low as a man can go. He also exposed himself to stds, hepatitis, hiv and in doing so he also put your health at risk. Please wake up and realize what he has done to you is unforgivable. Have some self respect and pride and walk away from this man. He cheated purely just for sex. He is willing to throw away 16years of marriage just to get a sexual urge met! What does this tell you? That is not love and no woman deserves this pain.

Now, if you'd said you'd been together a year or two I'd probably have said get rid and good riddance to him. But, because you have been together a long time and have created a life and family together, I think what is more important in your case, is finding out the reason why your husband is doing this and deciding whether you both want to work through that and work towards regaining and repairing the shattered trust or agreeing to separate because it has highlighted a fundamental flaw in the marriage which one or neither of you wants to resolve.

This whole topic also makes me angry and I hate how people make excuses to try and justify it. I too know how much it hurts to be let down like that. For me I couldn't even look at him. He wasn't a man anymore in my eyes. He was weak and I hated him so much in that moment I just wanted to rip his heart out of his chest. I dumped him and I was left to try and put my life back together. For the first year, I had such deep intense depression that when I look back now it is just a blur. I pushed everyone close to me away. I lost trust in the whole world and I felt very alone. I was insecure and felt worthless. I blamed myself for a long time and even now I still have scars and trust issues. But I was strong and I came out of it happier and proud of myself for not giving in and forgiving him. It thought me that I am strong enough to walk away and I have the confidence in myself to not put up with any crap from anyone. I now am with a beautiful kind man who is strong and I believe with all my heart that he will never do that to me.

I agree that men who use women just for sex alone are very untrustworthy when they Anavar Reddit are in a relationship. I think it is your decision at the end of the day. Do you think you will be happy with him again? Only you can figure that out. Will you be able to trust him or will you now check up on him every day to make sure he is not at it again. Cheating is not a "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" mistake, It is a decision and once that decision is made there is no taking it back. It is a personality flaw and most cheaters are selfish people. I think you should ask for more advice on different forums. I have also spent a lot of Buy Jintropin time researching trying to get answers. And in the end I came to the conclusion that cheaters are weak, flawed people who do not deserve a second chance. It always happens to good people Buy Boldenone India and it is wrong. The fact that he Dianabol Pills Results was willing to pay for sex says it all. To me that is low. Are you sure you are not married to a sex addict? That is one of the signs of sex addiction. Trust is a very fragile thing and once that is gone it is very difficult to get it back. If you stay with your husband, you may still resent him and be angry at him in ten years time. You may decide to have a revenge affair. What is the point. You will just hurt each other more and more and more. Can you imagine how you are going to feel having sex with him knowing that he has been with someone else? Wondering is he thinking about her right now! Or when he comes home an hour late because he was stuck in traffic your mind will go crazy wondering where he really was, checking his phone. I dont think it can work

This is really sad. Something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. If it was me personaly, I dont think I could tak him back. I dont know what else to say. i think if your husband was unhappy he shud hav told you and you could hav tried to work it out together. Thats what marriage is about but insted he chose to cheat and hurt you and hes even paid for it which is kind sick.

Staying together for ur childs sake is not a good idea. I think you need to focus on you "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" and what is going to make you happy now and in the future. You are going to be hurt whether you chose to stay or go. It is going to hurt for a long time and you will probly be angry too. Wud you prefer to heal alone or have him looking at you being miserable al the time. And maybe you can find somoen new who loves you and wil not hurt u wen the times right. Liz is right about the whol counselling ting. He shud have tried to fix any problems befor takin the easy way out. I just hope ur ok and that you will be strong.

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